Lithium battery concept leading stocks have successfully built the bottom!

Update time: 2020-10-15    Views: 7165

After more than a month, the market is on the right track, as long as it is not on the track... Last week, we mentioned the concept of MSCI, and there are a lot of funds to speculate. If we choose, the author suggests that we should choose the stocks with concept expectation, such as lithium battery concept. At present, the stock direction of lithium battery concept is very good, and this is also true At present, a hot spot in the short term is the 100 billion cubic meter of lithium. When the technology is upgraded, the fluorine is awesome.


Duofluoroduo is a white horse stock of lithium battery. In the form of a big male line at the bottom of the front, it breaks through the upper pressure and enters into the rising channel to start the main rising wave. The main fund shows that it is also in a large inflow. There is a good stretch every time golden fork buying point appears in the front, and this type of stock is also a typical main holding stock, which is a very good choice type of stock at present, but the stock has also increased a lot at present, so it is suggested not to catch up with the high, but there are still many stocks of lithium battery concept in the low position, which are very optimistic in the future.

This stock has been explained many times in the previous article. The first three limit boards have been updated. Up to now, we have been talking about it for nearly three weeks. It is because we don't want to miss such a very good Bull Stock. This stock has been going down for more than 60% in the front, and then hit the bottom and rebounded. The main capital inflow is in a large amount. This is the result that the main force wants in Canada Now the golden fork signal appears, in the back of the rise space is still huge, can focus on!

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